Catching Up

So I've been a little busy these last few days. Since its all in the past now, I can actually talk about it and not worry about bringing about the wrath of the conference planning gods.

My conference went off with mostly minor hitches at worst. The program was a little too 50,000 view but the contacts, the networking, the sales opportunities, it was all worth it. It was almost even worth not seeing my family for a couple of days. It was definitely worth it this morning when I woke up and knew that I didn't have to go to work today.

I still worked and got a ton of stuff done but nothing official and that's just fine. The rest of the week will be busy as hell with wrap ups, follow ups and then getting back to the regular business of my job, namely PR.

Its kind of fun staying in hotels though I was generally too busy to eat properly and slept like hell even though I was thoroughly exhausted both nights (still am exhausted).

I had to pick up a new suit for the event. Kind of fun but also kind of nerve wracking amid weeks of nerve wracking. I'm glad its behind us now, I'm glad I can get back to thinking about my regular job and getting it done and hitting my target numbers. The suit's charcoal and happens to drape nearly perfectly off my shoulders. A little fine tuning and I looked quite good. I had to dump the shiny shoes midway through day one, no cushion and a good case of plantar faciaitis meant I was all but hobbling. Gel cushions have become my saviours. That and the stretching exercises.

But today was nice, today I got to be around the house, got to clean up the fish tanks, got to finally get the oil changed on the V-Strom (can you say break-in period over? its spelled shit-eating-grin) and then also got Nande out to the beach, where I snapped some pretty fine pictures. Of course, I don't really want to go back to work tomorrow but it will actually be kind of fun to wrap up the show. And it won't hurt to get my bonus.