Best Survivor Episode Yet

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Last night's Survivor has to be among my favorite episodes of all time. The twists, the slams, the challenges, the defeat, the anger, the in-your-face food reward and the double elimination. It was great stuff all the way around.

The only way it could have gone better is if James had gotten the boot instead of Angie. James is an asshole who denigrates women, thinks he's got some divine insight and basically talks down to everyone. He's also not as strong as Angie was and is just a pesky wanker.

And the machinations in Koror have just gotten really damned interesting.

Have I mentioned how much I love the backdrop that Palau provides with the rusting hulks of WWII? I absolutely love the scenery, love seeing the Japanese Zeroes on the bottom of the ocean slowly rusting apart. Love the shot of the snake crawling out of the rusted barrel of an anti-aircraft gun. Its gorgeous and reminds me that man can make war and bloody the water and ruin things but nature will, eventually wipe it all clean.

So who would I want to win? I like Tom, I like Ian, I like Coby more and more. But I also like Bobby Jon and Janu as well as Stephanie. Its going to be an interesting home stretch.