Anti Same-Sex Dinks

Why do they keep giving a microphone and airtime to the spokesman for some stupid anti same-sex group? Mornings on 2 has interviewed this guy at least three times now and keeps giving him airtime to talk about how wrong and gross and nasty those icky gay people are for wanting to get married.

His arguments against gay marriage? Basic and worthless. One, marriage has been, historically, a man and a woman uniting. Two, common sense, a marriage can't be a man and a man because he's just incapable of wrapping his tiny little, freshly scrubbed brain around the concept that two people of the same sex could form a lasting and healthy relationship. Three, some sort of appeal to fundamental religious beliefs which fail right out of the gate because there's nothing anywhere that says his beliefs need to be mine. Which is good because then I'd hate myself for being such an intolerant dinkweed.

Here's the deal, again for you short bus riders.
Same sex marriage does not threaten traditional marriage in any way. It strengthens it by allowing people who desperately want to publicly acknowledge their love. It does not degrade the institution in anyway whatsoever, it means that more married people will be more committed to each other rather than the Britney 54 hour marriage bullshit.

You want to make marriage strong? Go after the bubbleheaded dumbfucks who get marriages that last in the hours. Go after the people who try to get pregnant so they can force someone to marry them. Go after the people who aren't in love but just don't want to be alone and are settling for whoever will say yes.

The real insults and injuries to the institution of marriage come from people who don't treat it with any respect. Same sex couples want to get married, they want to display their committment to each other. How that could possibly be detrimental to the traditional marriage model, especially in the light of asshats like Liz Taylor and Larry King getting married into the double digits?

Fifty years from now we will look back and wonder what the commotion was all about. There is no good argument against same-sex marriage. Every single argument I've seen or read is an appeal to emotions or an appeal to religious dogma. Neither of which does a single thing to actually argue against the idea. Same sex marriage doesn't threaten marriage, just the way P2P doesn't threaten the music industry, its how the industry has reacted that has created the threat. Same sex couples deserve every protection under the law that opposite sex couples enjoy. Anything else is bigotry and bias and beneath us.

Anyone out there have a real argument for why same sex marriage is wrong? Let's hear it. But don't make the appeals to emotion or religion. Make a coherent argument and support it with facts, not rhetoric. I'm more than willing to listen and debate this with people who have open minds about it. But the problem is the people who need to listen, won't. They have their Bibles stuck in their ears and have nightmares about queers, which is just sad.