American Suckle

You know, the masses can have the crap that is American Idol. Just don't ask me about it unless you want an honest opinion.

It sucks. The show is atrocious.

The songs that are song are terrible or are song so badly as to twist whatever good there was in that song they are mangling and rend it into a sad puddle of used to be good on the shiny, shiny floor.

Yeah, yeah, Simon Cowell is a douchebag who probably hates himself as much as the rest of the world. The show still sucks. It will always suck and somewhere in the midst of its pop-suckitude, they hook people in with blatant emotional manipulations.

Bleh, you can take your American Idol (and all of its bastard spinoffs around the world) and shove it into one those melisma-abusing wanna-be divas with the ridiculous names.