After Hours Office Building Denizens

So I've been putting in a lot of extra hours the last couple of weeks to prep for this show that's finally, finally coming to fruition next week. Its been an amazing amount of work and I've added a bunch of new job skills as well as made some decent commissions.

But what I've been noticing is that our office building is a very, very different place at night. A whole other cast of characters descends on it and its a much less friendly and safe place. So much so that I made sure to walk out one of my female co-workers last night.

There are still business transaction taking place but they're done in alleyways and darkened doorways. And they are grubby five dollar trades for a nugget of dope, a bit of smack or whatever hooch is on the menu.

And then there are the swashbucklers or whatever they call themselves. The folks who fashion their own armor, shields and safety weapons (which would be a great name for a band, we are Safety Weapon!!!) and then proceed to battle. They use the top floor of the parking garage and are pretty well harmless though they look funny.

Its strange to think about, the secret life of your office. When I came in to work on a Saturday a few weeks ago, I was amazed and disappointed in how much traffic there is here on the weekends. The cleaning staff, other employees, maintenance staff. All coming and going. Kind of weird and it didn't help me get my work done with all the interruptions.

Oh well, one more late night here tonight and then the weekend prep and then two and a half days of show and hoping that the issues that inevitably arise are minor ones.

But my boy gave me an ear to ear grin this morning so today certainly isn't all bad by any means.