1000+ Days and Counting

Self Portrait
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Its been a while since I posted a pic of my mug and today's an anniversary for me so I'll celebrate with a little ego-age.

Today marks the third anniversary of my gainful employment with the same company. More than a thousand days and on each and every one of them that I've gone into the office, some part of me has expected, braced and prepared to be summararily dismissed for any of a variety of reasons.

But it hasn't come to pass and I will likely be able to select my means of egress when it suits me. Its been a good run with my company, I've learned alot, I've expanded my skill set, I've expanded my contacts, I've increased my stature in the tech community by being consistent, quick to respond (mostly) and able to make those mid-project changes that are so often required.

I have appreciated the opportunities I've been given and the fact that I am allowed to work in the manner that most suits me.

I don't know where I'll be in a year from now but the odds are that I'll have moved on by then. Not out of spite but out of a need to find new challenges and also to possibly get in with a larger company that can afford to provide the sort of salary and benefits package that I want and need to more capably support my family.

What else will change in the next year? We'll be moving, that will be a welcome change. We'll have another dog, a companion for Nande and there may even be a little sibling on the way for Graydon!