Yeah, Well Slag This, You're Fired, Biyatch!

I'd wanted to write about this on Friday when it was fresh and the finger marks from the slappage were new and still had the angry redness.

But here it is Monday morning and now its time to shed some light on yet another dismissal from the shop.

A little back story. She was brought in because she had previous work experience with our sales vp, she had a track record, she had the skills, the wits, the whatever to get the job done. She was hired about 6 weeks ago or so, maybe a little less. During that time, her main job metric was call volume (and, of course, subsequent sales resulting from those calls) and her mandate (which is my new favorite word) was to be making 25 calls a day to drum up leads and sales. These weren't cold, cold calls, these were calls to companies that had expressed an interest in our company already and were looking for more information.

Not hard, right?

The other sales guy, who's taken far more shit in his position than I would be able to swallow, averages just under 30 calls a day, above and beyond the call. This new saleswoman was averaging a most unimpressive less than 1 call per day. Let's say that again. Her target was 25 calls a day, she was making less than 1 call per day. In the last month she was with the company, she made a total of 17 outgoing phonecalls, three were to her car dealership.

But wait, it gets better. Not only was she not working, she was emailing her friends from her work account and slagging her direct boss and the owner of the company. Who'd both already realized that something was wrong and had had all of her work emails forwarded on to both of them. Kind of stupid to be badmouthing your boss and boss's boss in email that can easily and legally be read.

The final thing that made me laugh is that she was slagging me on Friday morning via instant message to the other sales guy complaining that I never did any work. I wonder just how fucked up her thinking is that she was able to saw I don't work enough or hard enough and she was doing pretty well literally, nothing every day. Heck, I've been at the company longer than anyone else, I don't do nothing but I don't rush around like an idiot trying to look busy when I'm not getting my job done.

So, yeah, see ya, chickie. I would have been alot more bothered by her dismissal if she hadn't been pretty self evidently wrong for the company. I knew the writing was on the wall when she basically refused to follow up on an email from a consultant. Oh well, I'm sure someone somewhere else will be taken in by her "interview" game and then will realize that she's just wasting space there as well.

Good luck in your next endeavour. And that's about as pleasant as I will ever be to her again. I can understand slagging your boss but I think its rather stupid to slag people who actually like you and wanted you to succeed.

Anyway, this will be an interesting week. No daycare as our provider's in Puerto Vallarta this week so we've got one of our neice's staying down this week to take care of the boy. She brought along her dog so Nande's got a playpal too. But its going to be interesting with Graydon sleeping in our bedroom so she can have a little privacy and space of her own.

And next weekend will see the start of the conference we've been working on for the last 6 or 7 months. I will be most pleased next Wednesday when its all behind us and I can get back to PR again.

In summation, a lesson for you disgruntled new hire types? Don't send slag emails from your work email, that's just ignorantly stupid and asking to be fired. Don't slag your co-workers who were pulling for you, it just makes you look like a bitch. And don't schedule your daycare provider's vacation during the week before your biggest work event of your life, unless you like making things more difficult than they have to be.

Happy Monday everyone. I think I'm going to go and grab some Cheddar and play catch up on the last two of those.