Watering the Seeds of My Faith in Humanity

Today's Totally Scientific and Accurate iWon Survey asks about Teaching Birth Control?
Do you think that methods of contraception should be taught in public schools?
To which the responses were.
70% - Yes
19% - No
11% - I'm not sure

That's good, that's 7 in 10 people recognizing that not teaching contraception to sexually active kids and then bitching about being Pro-Life means you should probably get kicked in the nuts. Or that, not teaching contraception exacerbates the problem, which is to say, it makes it worse.

Here's the skinny for those 3 in 10 that are negative or unsure, kids are gonna have sex. They will. Get over it, its happening right now. In fact, a lovely thought, right now, as you read this, there are probably a hundred thousand teenagers in varying throes of ecstasy while having premarital coital relations.

Teach them that putting on a condom means not having to work at a gas station for minimum wage because you got your girlfriend knocked up at 17 isn't such a bad thing, eh?

Or are you one of those "They should have known better" knobs?