Want to Eat, Poor Tsunami Suffering Heathen? Convert and Eat

Tsunami relief? Why sure, just place your hand on this Bible, renounce your religion, swear holy allegiance to our God and you can have some food.
Villagers furious with Christian Missionaries

And people wonder why I'm an athiest? Its utter asshats like this that are the reason I'm an athiest.

I kind of would like an addendum to the story saying the missionaries returned the next day and tried the same thing, only this time the villagers blocked their escape, tied them up, started a big old fire and cooked the damned missionaries up like a bbq.

Forced conversion for food is about the dumbest idea yet from the church. And they've had some whoppers (remember the 40 year old document saying that victims of priestly humping should stay quiet?). Nice work, Xtians, the better to sweep your ridiculous lot off the playing field.

Note, this is an unsubstantiated story at this point, its also a little old to not have been picked up by someone somewhere, especially if there really were pictures taken. But it was posted in the news and I'm just reporting what I find or am shown.