Teething: An Activity the Whole Family Can Enjoy

Yeah, we're in the throes of teething now, deeply in the throes of teething and what that means, for the non-parents out there, is that Graydon will sleep for a couple of hours and then wake up in full scream mode. Or he'll just moan alot, loudly.

Combine teething with yet another runny nose and congested chest and we have a recipe for sleepless nights, short tempers and a sort of glazed over look in the eyes.

He's gotten a couple of teeth to break through the gumline and happily mashes things up with his tiny teeth but there are many more on the way and until they break through, they stretch the gum, irritate nerve endings and basically just make for a fairly miserable situation.

And, because he's such a kind and thoughtful baby, he thought he'd share his discomfort and, the double dip, explore the range of his ability to make noise with his mouth. Imagine loud moaning, now imagine it starting at 5:30 or so in the morning after being up until nearly 1 trying to get him fed, changed, not in agony with his teeth and not drowning in his mucus (I think his bed was flat for like three days before I re-elevated the head to help the snot drain).

What it means is that we will need to steal naps over the weekend when he naps. Because as it is, we just going deeper and deeper into sleep deprivation and sleep shorting and, over the longterm, that's just not a winning strategy no matter what my brother and his four hours a night say.