Super Bowl Ad Wrap

So let's forget about the game for now and concetrate on the new most interesting thing about the Super Bowl, the ads.

There were alot more racy ads this year than I would have thought after all the hub bub about the warddrobe malfunction and the burning of that nasty image of Janet Jackson's skanky tit on national tv.

So what were the good ones, what were the bad ones?

The worst of the bunch, I thought, was the GoDaddy.com ad. It was just stupid and basically featured a rather over-racked chick testifying before a group of bitter old people. Dumb, lame, stupid and completely ineffective, I thought.

The best commercial, by far, was the skydiver commercial where the last guy won't jump so the dive instructor shows him a six pack of Bud Light. He tosses it out the window and you hear a thump, thump, thump and then the pilot, without a parachute, goes diving out the window after the beer. That was funny.

The Olympus MP3/Camera commercial was just irritating, am I the only one who's tired of people with dead eyes staring into the camera while breakdancing or whatever the hell its called these days?

What were your favorite commercials?

And since when did they start repeating them for the second half? That was lame.

[Update: Because I pounded this post out in about four seconds I omitted a few other good ones. As e. notes in his comment, the marinara spilled by the cat commercial was pretty funny even if I have no idea what they were selling. I like the continuity of the Budwiser commercials and was very thankful that Paul McCartney did the half time show instead of Ashlee Simpson, though it would have been fun to watch her get booed off the stage again.

Also, you can go and vote at USA Today for the best and worst ads. And I feel vindicated that the GoDaddy is leading the worst pack (but I'm curious as to how its also in the top three best ads as well).]