Stop the Suffering

Did you know that 79% of the traffic that's passed through these windows is surfing the internet on a horrendously substandard and crappy little browser called Internet Explorer by some dinosaur company called Microsoft?

Good lord people, do you like hurting yourselves? Do you like making your life more difficult? Do you like walking into a room of crooks naked?

That's what IE gives you. The tender mercies of script kiddies, hackers, bots, spiders, spyware, adware, popupware, popunderware, invisoware, stealallyourdataanddeleteware, it goes on. Internet Explorer is the quaint dirt road next to the Information Superhighway, you'll get to the same places but the ruts, mud, tree branches and other obstacles'll make the journey SUCK ASS.

Why? There's something better, easier, safer, prettier and its free.

It's called FireFox (Get Firefox), yeah, yeah, that's right. Some of you, 14%, are already on the bandwagon. You're pain's been eased, you can surf quickly, you can open tabs of windows easily, you can save tabs of windows easily, you can visit places and find extensions to customize your FireFox and make it work even better for you, you can find themes to make FireFox look just like you want to.

Please, please get FireFox today. The world can do with less suffering and as soon as Internet Explorer has been deleted from the last computer, the world will, in fact, be a better place.

[Update: Big Joe's got a point, what about Safari? And what's happened to the numbers since this was posted? So much inquiry, so little time.

Safari's actually my fallback browser. I like it, I like its look and speed but it isn't quite wholly compatible with everything on the web and it has its share of foibles. I do use it but I'm just not thrilled by it.

Now, the numbers, including Safari.
Internet Explorer's dropped down to 72% combined between IE 5 (2%) and IE 6 (70%)
FireFox has increased to 16% and
Safari was at a shy 1%, now a more robust 4%. Opera at 3% and Netscape at 2%, whee!]