Sorry, I've Gotta Sore Throat, How About a Sherry Enema?

Now, you might think that that title's a little over the top but no, pouring 3 liters of sherry into your husband's ass is over the top. I read, with horror and amusement, about the Sherry Enema administered by a wife to her husband who had too sore a throat to drink the sherry.

The man died with a .47 blood alcohol level, that's four times the legal limit and plenty, plenty more than I've ever come close to getting. Three liters of sherry? Yeah, that'd do it.

I just don't get the train of thought that goes from "Mmmmm, some sherry would be nice but my throat is so sore," to "I think I need to have some sherry poured into my ass, I hear that's a good way to get drunk."

Damn, nice way to punch out, I just hope neither of these two geniuses have made offspring yet.