Slow Grind Towards a Wholly Untenable Situation

In the last twelve hours, we have had to tell our asshole neighbors to move their cars out of our driveway not once but twice.

This is after making it very clear that its not acceptable given the events of last year when the bitch mother's car was parked in our driveway and got damaged.

But they just don't seem to grasp that its NOT ACCEPTABLE. That they are trespassing with their stupid shitty cars. And its not like they don't have plenty of space to park their cars, they have a huge space to park, they're just too fucking lazy and rude to give a fuck about anyone but themselves.

Last night it was the older brother and his dumbfuck friends boxing in the driveway so they had to park in ours. I told them to move it and they did, in about fifteen minutes.

This morning it was the piece of shit Rabbit that they have to beg, pray, threaten and sometimes push to start. The lady was, again, too goddamned lazy to park in such a way as to not obstruct our driveway. And P was PISSED. She leaned on her horn until the lady came out and then explained to her that she needed to NOT park there.

The lady (as the rest of them do) gave her a dirty look and took her sweet fuckin' time moving the car.

It is looking more and more like I'm going to have to force the asshole dad to deal with this shit because I fucking hate going home now. I hate doing anything out in front of my garage because these people seem to live in their garage like its the center of their house or something. It is bizarre.

One more year of penance before we can sell this damned house and get the hell away from these people. I don't know if I'll be able to hold off on beating the living shit out of them before then but I will try my best.

The passive/aggressive hate emanating from the father (who I've learned no one in the neighborhood likes in the least) is starting to affect me and that bothers me. And yeah, his wife who moved out? Yeah, she left him for another man, I'm sure that's not been helping his attitude or confidence (though I'm sure the bar floozies are helping on that front). Basically, he's a scumbag asshole and I wish, wish, wish we could turn back the clock to before we bought this damned house.

The lack of privacy and the constant animosity is draining.