Seven Months

Yesterday was Graydon's seven-month birthday. He's closer to a year old than the womb now and continues to grow and change with almost each passing moment.

It is almost physically painful to drop him off at daycare, to know that someone else gets the pleasure of being with him.

At seven months old, he can already accomplish a pretty impressive bunch of stuff. He can easily get whatever fits, into his mouth. He can sit up on his own for an extended period of time and, when he does lose his balance, he rolls off his butt and tucks his head in most of the time to avoid banging it on the floor (though I am almost always right there to cushion him anyway). He has a tooth which has helped to ease alot of his oral discomfort lately, not completely but he's a happier kid, that's for sure. He flirts with everyone, he'll grin and then dive his face into my or P's shoulder only to peek at the person again in a second.

He loves to shout even if he doesn't have the words yet. He plays in the chair that spins, spinning one way, stopping for a moment then spinning back the other way with a great big smile on his face. He recognizes his mom and dad and almost always lights up with a big smile, unless he's been sleeping and then he's a little slow on the draw. He puts himself to sleep most nights, entertaining himself in his crib with a teether and his ocean sounds aquarium thingie.

He can crawl, not really well yet because he relapses to the belly swimming position, but he can get his body up and motor when he's motivated. But he can also get around by directed rolling and he's pretty good at it. And something that totally kills me, he looks straight into the camera now when I take his picture. He knows what's up with it and is amazing in how focused he can get on it, it gets even better when I can get him giggling for the camera. Which reminds me, I've got new pics to load up from the other night. And lots of videos to convert and post too. I might need more webspace again soon.

Happy Friday to you all, I get to look forward to spending the weekend with my son, my wife and my hound. Oh yeah, and there's some football game on Sunday.