San Francisco Tolls

So apparently the budget fix for San Francisco is to make everyone pay like hell to get near the city. Last week they were talking about charging cyclists and walkers to to cross the Golden Gate. This week they're talking about a downtown area that would require a cover charge to enter to help control traffic congestion (and make a lame ass buck).

Think about that for a second. Part of San Francisco would be closed to you unless you pay money to enter it, not a bridge, not a causeway, an arbitrarily marked section of downtown that they want to make you pay to enter.

This is a terrible idea for many, many reasons not the least of which is that this will kill a huge amount of tourism coming to the city. San Francisco is a great city but there are plenty, plenty of other places to go and visit in this part of the nation. I know that I would be finding other places to go if they did this.

The idea that they can just continue to leech money from people just using the city is just plain bad. There are better ways to generate revenue.