The Non Apology Apology

Giambi Apologizes, But Gives No Specifics and he doesn't even mention the word steroids, the reason he's apologizing to New York and baseball fans everywhere.

So what was the point? Well, he's trying to keep himself on the Yankees roster and keep earning the rest of his $120 million contract rolling in. But he's been disgraced as an athlete and is being dragged into it with Canseco's ridiculous book (regardless of its truth or not, the one thing I know from this whole affair is that Jose Canseco is an enormous and unrepentant douchebag).

In a sport filled with asshats, assholes and assfaced morons, Canseco stands out among them. Alongside guys like Gary Sheffield who believes that everything that happens to him is racially motivated, and Pedro Martinez, who'd barely changed into his shiny new Mets uni before trashing his old team and team mates.

These people are pricks, pricks who happen to be good at a game. And they presume that their talent at a game makes them an authority on everything else when they're not. Canseco's a washed up loser trying to make a quick buck off of the public trashing of a bunch of baseball stars.

I hope they sue his bitchass and make sure he never makes a penny profit off his book. In fact, I hope they force the asshole to pay restitution to the players he slagged.

And Giambi? You should have stayed in Oakland, dumbass.