New FBI Political Corruption Hotline

Because they apparently can't do it without you and me, the FBI has announced a new hotline to report political misdeeds on the local, state and national level.

I wonder how many calls they'll get reporting George W. Bush for war crimes?

Anyway, the hotline number is 800 376-5991. Why not go and drop a dime on your favorite corrupt asshole in office?

[Update: Angie has rightly asked for a little narrower definition of "political misdeeds" from above. I take it to mean, if a politician you are in contact with behaves in an illegal, immoral or unethical way. Sexual harassment, genocide, illegal use of campaign contributions, hypocritical sodomy, you know, whatever the GOP's up to.

I don't doubt that the hotline will be used to "turn in" traitors who have the audacity to question our fearless leader.]