Money Shot

Sweet Boy Graydon
Originally uploaded by Johnny Huh.
This is about the best capture of Graydon's inherently playful and happy nature. In motion, he is a creature of joyous wonder and excited experimentation.

His latest accomplishments? He had corn for the first time ever tonight, pureed and watered out some but he munched and munched it. That adds corn to squash, sweet potatoes, peas, broccoli, carrots, apples and bananas as Graydon's repertoire of foods continues to expand.

Oh yes, he also had pineapple/pear Gerber doohickers. His first reaction was priceless, he jumped as if shocked by electricity and then grinned. He did it a little on the next bite but was too cool to do it on the third when the camera was out.

He likes to look directly into the camera, I'm not sure if that's unusual or not but he likes to. Getting him to grin and laugh is the highlight of my day. Unless he also falls asleep after dinner on me, that's pretty sweet too.