Monetary Cheese

This week's Cheddar X is all about your best ways to spend a given sum of money. Round it off, round it down, do whatever makes you smile.

What's the best way to spend?

Fifty cents
Well, fifty cents will buy a whopping 16 minutes of parking outside San Francisco's SBC Park but that's not a good way to spend it. I'm going to go with a good old fashioned can of Coke.

A dollar
Scratcher or Lotto ticket, a buck can't do much but it can help you dream.

Five dollars
The best way to spend five bucks is to buy two quart bottle of Trader Joe's Fresh Squeezed Tangerine Juice. By the time you finish the first bottle, you want another one, it is truly that good.

Twenty dollars
One good lunch or a new CD or DVD. But the best way to spend it? Buying into a poker game with my pals and turning that twenty into forty. Does that count as spending it?

One hundred dollars
iPod Shuffle. I want one and you should too.

One thousand dollars
An Aerostich Roadcrafter riding suit. There's a reason they cost so much and its because they are the best (barring the handmade, custom sized jobbies that cost more than the bike itself).

One million dollars
This is a trickier one, the big money's gotta be dealt with more carefully or it turns back into little money quickly. Invest it, make sure that Graydon's future is more secure, buy land and have a big old fun party.

One hundred million dollars
Once you get to the 100 mill club, it becomes kind of pointless to think about the money you're spending. One hundred million dollars is far beyond my capacity to comprehend. But I would still have fun spending it!

And that's my cheese for this week.