Maternal Instincts = Don't Fuck with a Pregnant Woman

This is a gross story of the lack of humanity being evinced by a growing proportion of the population. And I hope that Sarah Brady's fighting back and actually killing her attacker sends a message to these incredibly warped people thinking they have some rational reason for murdering a pregnant woman and cutting her baby out of her body to pretend is her own.

Woman Who Killed Attacker Was 'Driven by Maternal Instincts'.

It goes without saying that anyone intent on murdering a pregnant woman for her unborn baby is operating on less than exemplary brain processes. And I have absolutely no problem whatsoever with them being killed for what they are trying to do. Its tragic that they are so warped in their thinking that they actually try to carry out their misdeed. But my feeling is that, once you start down that dark and evil path, you are beyond redemption and therefore have no further need to exist.

You kill another, or attempt to kill another, to steal what isn't yours to fulfill a void in you that the person you are trying to kill had no hand in creating. You're using another person and persons as a means to your own end and that leaps over the basic fact that each person is an end in and of themselves and cannot and should not be used as a means to further your own twisted agenda.

Of course, I know that's lost on someone who's made the rationalization to murder and steal an unborn baby. Good for you, Sarah. And to the next "damaged goods" idiot who wants to plan a murder/baby theft, I hope you die as well.