Hump Day Link Dump

Man, I don't know if other bloggers accumulate links as quickly as I do but I've got way too many draft posts withering to dust waiting for their moment in the sun. So here we go with another fun-filled link dump!

First up is Hide Your iPod, Here Comes Mr. Bill where Wired lets the world know that even on the Microsoft campus in Redmond, the iPod is still the de facto MP3 player king.

Next up we have Canadian Couple Hires Out Drug Dog
A couple bought a dog trained to sniff drugs for $20,000 and now they will hire it out to sniff around your kid's stuff to see if they've been doing drugs for a mere $20 a sniff if you're a parent and a sliding scale for businesses. Where to draw the line between concern and obsession? Some sites are keeping tabs on the infringement of children's right to privacy. Which begs the question, Do Children Have a Right to Privacy?

From Jay comes Babies Vomiting Like Machines.

Freeman Dyson's take on what he calls the Darwinian Interlude in which he proposes that Darwinian evolution has been trumped by cultural evolution. An interesting and worthwhile article to read.

And then we're off to AudioScrobbler that purports to build a musical profile based on your listening, it has a little widget that plugs into your music player and reports back to the company so your profile can be built. I'm not so sure I want my listening habits held in some database but I like the concept.

Here we have Kid O - modern furniture for modern kids (who's parents make alot of money and don't mind spending $45 on a Mod Toy Car. They have cool stuff but their pricing's a little Pottery Barnish for my taste and wallet.

And, finally, we have CC Mixter the confluence of the remix and Creative Commons licensing resulting in legal free remixed MP3's. Some pretty good ones in there too. Some pretty awful ones as well.

I have also added some functionality to the site with a new Feedburner link and some redesigned Google Ads that will need some tweaking to reflect the content of the site and not just where to sign up for free blogs. But hey, those ads made $1.37 yesterday. It's a start. Now I just need a hundred times that income on a daily basis and I can quit working and blog full time!