Geek Up!

Finally, a worthwhile response to those stupid phrases "Cowboy Up" and "Pony Up" which I don't have the first clue what they means and don't care. I can drink up, I can spit up, I can make up but I won't be Cowboy Up-ping anytime soon.

But now I've got "Geek Up!" (Geek Up!). And I have just definitely Geeked Up big time. I've just gotten the case for my new Clie NZ90 (review is forthcoming still) that allows me to clip it to my belt instead of having to carry it in my hand or find a big ol' pocket to slip it into.

I've long held a fantasy of a geek utility belt kind of along the lines of Batman's but without the plastic explosive grenades. More just a way to easily and safely put on your gear.

With a little more eBaying, I could strap on my iPod, my Clie, my cellphone and maybe even the digital camera, infrared thermometer, monocular and Swiss Army Knife (sadly it is not the one with the USB drive) on to my belt. And then, I would truly be closer to Geek Nirvana.

Yeah, Geek Up! and this geek is out.