Early to Bed, Early to Rise and Hit the Snooze Button

Yeah, its one of those Monday mornings when we should have the coffee machine next to the bed and hooked up to an IV drip to get going. Not that yesterday was the house wrecker party it's been in years past. But it was still fun and we hung out for a bunch of hours to enjoy the game, play some cards and partake in some flame caressed meat products.

The killer this weekend was a couple hours of poker on Saturday night that ended up going until well after midnight. And I had a guy pass out on me, in most creepy eyes-wide-open fashion. Very trippy and sort of derailed the game for a little while until we'd made sure he was alright.

But getting home at about a quarter to one, eating a late night drive thru snack and then finally crawling into bed at just about 2 only to be awoken by the fabulous little monkey boy exercising his screaming muscles, actually he had a wet diaper and I certainly don't hold it against him to complain.

But it made for one of those days where it feels like you're under water and yawning all the time. It was a nice Super Bowl game, among the best games I can remember watching in a few years. Both teams had a chance to win it if only ol' Donovan didn't pop off those three picks. Doh! And no one lit up Freddie Mitchell like he needed and Terrell Owens looked pretty damned healthy for just having had pins and shit put in his leg 6 or 7 weeks ago.

It was a nice weekend with good weather, I got to put in a 150 miles or so on my bike which means I'm about a week away from finishing the break-in period and will be able to run my RPMs up to the redline. And THAT means I can finally go faster than 70 miles an hour when I need to (like when the two assholes in the lifted F150 think its funny to ride my backside with high beams a blazing on the highway. Either that or I'm going to have to start carrying my 1.5 million candlepower spotlight to return the favor.

But I'd rather be able to just twist my wrist and roll away.

And yeah, I love my new bike. Its incredibly comfortable, the view from the cockpit is excellent and the wind protection is superb. I'm still assembling my new riding gear but, for now, I'm still a happy camper to just be able to get out and rip it up. The V-Strom handles substantially differently from the SV and I'll have to write that up one of these days too.

But why couldn't today be President's Day so I could go back to sleep?