Defying Logic and Law

I alwayzs figure that I'm fairly average in my desire to not attract the attention of the police when I'm out driving around. Not that I'm a gang bangin' street racer or anything (but don't try to race me, bi-yatch!) but there are few outcomes that are desirable after being pulled over.

So it always astonishes me to be in traffic and to notice that the car in front of me's registration sticker on the license plate is not just a year out of date but is sometimes five or six years out of date. How can someone forget to register their car for six years?

Whenever I see someone being an obvious dumbass and flaunting the fact that they're breaking the law, it makes me want to be a cop just so I can ask them what in the fuck they're thinking. That and I'd love to pull a few Super Troopers tricks on people, like the "Meow" game and the silent treatment (a neighbor who's a local sheriff used to do this when he didn't feel like writing a ticket, stop them, walk up to the window, look at them, shake your head and look disappointed, go back, get in cruiser and drive off to let them wonder what the fuck just happened).

My guess is the girl with the expired tags this morning got away with it when she did eventually get pulled over because, well, she was hot. Though her plates were also from Nevada and had expired in 2002 which, combined with a little known California law about re-registering your car after being in-state for two weeks, means she's been here for three years and still hasn't registered her car.

People amaze and amuse me.