Dean in Position to Win DNC

Thanks to Oliver Willis, I have hope.

Dean in position to win DNC post after ex-congressman drops out. Hot mo-fo-fuckin' damn. Dean represents a paradigm shift for the party and I expect that he will lead it and us and, eventually, the nation and beyond that, the world. And, in actuality, the DNC chair is a perfect place for him

You know part of the reason I like Howard Dean? Because he's smart and the GOP doesn't know what to make of him. They may figure it out but I am already feeling more for my party again.

Thanks Oliver, thanks alot.

[Update: More reaction to the Dean nomination. Its nice that the piece is so fair and balanced, I mean the title of the article is "Dean's Howling to Lead DNC", they were trying to be cute they failed and just look like assholes some more. Just like Fox News showing a picture of Barbara Boxer with her mouth wide open and looking pissed off, that was professional and showed the respect due a fuckin' Senator! By the way, would someone please bury Brit Hume's reanimated corpse? The man is the living dead.]