Commute Thoughts

One, I saw a license plate surround that very nicely sums up alot of how I feel about the state and future of the world. "Losing my faith in humanity, one person at a time."

Its a depressing thought really. But getting some teenaged slickhaired pimple monkey who MUST be ahead of me to merge onto the highway and nearly hitting me in the process AND THEN flipping me off for not getting out of his way. My faith-o-meter is dipping ever closer to just zero.

But I have a new meter now, its called my Hope for Humanity meter, it jumps up wildly everytime I see my little boy, or when he falls asleep in my arms or just is. He is the most amazing little guy I've ever known and watching him grow is one of the best aspects of my life. The other edge of the sword is that I fear for him terribly. I worry about his safety with this asshole neighbor, I worry about him getting hurt, I worry about him while he sleeps and I worry about him when he crawls on the floor, more so when he's crawling towards an abandoned Nande toy. The world without erodes at my faith in humanity while my world within rebuilds it.

The other thought that occurred to me several times on the fifty minute 16 mile commute. Do people not know that windshield wipers have more than one speed? Do people just set them and forget them? Are other people in the car with someone who turns the windshield wipers on to warp speed at the first sign of rain embarassed to be in the car with them? It drives me nuts and I'm two cars away. Its barely sprinkling, just a notch above a mist even. And this stupid minivan's wipers were trying to get enough speed for lift off.

It would drive me nuts in about ten seconds. It also makes me wonder if these people freak out badly when it really does rain hard and they can't get their wipers to go any faster.