Coming Up for Air

I don't know about you folks out there but this was a hard week for me. Hard to not blog, hard to not post the pictures of the Knills from the recovered camera flash card (and subsequent Flickr Missing Persons Group), hard to not post the story from Tuckle about a sexually molested SEVEN MONTH OLD, the awful story of a 5 year old from Glory Road who got shot in the mouth. And there's been more on top of all of it. Work's been wacky, some good, some bad, some incredibly stupid, remind me to relate the story of the newest hasta la vista. There's always awesome Graydon news as well.

So its time to breathe a few times. Remember that things go on, heroes eventually die and with their dying, they become immortal. We will always have his books that he did write, there may be lost manuscripts, hell, lost cocktail napkins. Time to quit mourning and get on with it all again.

So I've got alot on my mind these days. Lots going on at home, lots going on at work. But instead, take a gander through California Motorcycle Roads.

I'm in Santa Cruz County, which one should I go on tomorrow?

On another note
I have taken the opportunity to revive and make good use of the Album again. Its now a Flickr hot spot, where I'm going to post my best pics and the best pics I come across. I have started to become sort of addicted to Flickr. There are some issues with the template over there on the album (I'm not sure how I got it set to slow inverted pyramid) but its a start and I'll soon have a feed here.

Anyway, I've also taken the opportunity to start writing stories again. I've got one that's in mid-go and I think I'm going to go have a hot tub and see if I can beat up my keyboard and the English language for a bit.