Cattle or Pallets of Toilet Paper?

The battlelines of RFID have been drawn and the boundaries are going to be erased and redrawn a few times before this is all over. The first shots in the war have been fired at Brittan Elementary School where students have been outfitted with RFID school badges to automate attendance taking. Parents weren't consulted so there are some injured feelings and righteous issues with the privacy concerns.

I couldn't pretend to know how it will work out but the debate should be interesting. Does the need to know outweigh the right to privacy of the individual? How can we be sure that the technology won't be used to track movements and then used to persecute us?

Is it inevitable that people are implanted at birth without a choice? The problem with RFID is that it represents the boogeyman. It can be as tiny as a grain of sand but can still hold and transmit data either actively or passively, say when you walk by a traffic camera or take money out of the bank. The overt omnipresence of "The Man" is a very unpleasant thought indeed.