Brit Hume Must Resign

Brit Hume MUST Resign

Via Oliver Willis.
Brit Hume willfully and intentionally warped FDR's words to make it appear as if FDR supported privatization of social security. This is a brazen falsehood. President Roosevelt's grandson, James Roosevelt Jr., describes Hume's journalistic malfeasance as an "an outrageous distortion".

And anyway, the guy's been dead for like seven years and someone just forgot to tell him to go lie in the ground. Maybe he should become a hacker so his handle could be exHUMEd?

This is a worse scandal than RatherGate (or MemoGate) really because this is intentional misrepresentation of a previous president's beliefs to try and propel the current president's fake crisis agenda.

How Hume calls himself a journalist is beyond me, he's a GOP lapdog, probably a Shih Tzu.

Kevin Drum does a nice job of dissecting the crime at the Washington Monthly good to play catchup if you're joining the fun a little late.

[Update: Thanks to oh-so-ever-right wanks at some site called Protein Wisdom (which sounds like someone trying to get smart by giving blowjobs to me but I'm sure there's something more profound behind it [Update: ol Jeff G. didn't get what I meant so let's try again. His blog's name reminds me of a protein shake, a slang for a blowjob. Of course, he took it personally and calls me a cockbobber, which is kind of funny. Have fun in your echo chamber.]) for deigning to select my comment about exHUMEdGate being a worse transgression than RatherGate. It is worse. Brit Hume willfully and knowingly took the published words of a president and reorganized them to suit his needs.

Its intellectually dishonest, its ethical dishonest and he, as the anchorman of a major news channel, should have known better and should step down as this proves pretty conclusively that he's unfit to report the news since he wants so much to be making it himself.

Moronic comments? Its easier to cast aspersions on the messenger rather than the message.

And by the way, mathamagicians, Gannon/Guckert and Hume aren't the only shiny fuckups from your side. Try Armstrong Williams, Michael McManus and Maggie Gallagher as well as Condileeza Rice lying under oath and Dick Cheney telling a member of the Senate to "Go Fuck Himself" on the floor of the Senate. And then there's that whole thing with the WMD's, No Child Left Behind, the Clean Skies Act, the Clean Water Act, the Patriot Act and the whole host of other legislation named the exact opposite of what it really does. Truth in government would really call these: A Lot of Children Left Behind, the Filthy Skies Act, the Dirty Water Act and the Invasion of American's Right to Privacy in the name of Terrorist Threats Act.

I will renew it here, my call for Public Pledges of Ethical and Moral Journalism. Or, as I noted in the comments, at least some means of easily evaluating the relative skew of the news program being watched. Same thing for blogs, I hate reading a site for ten minutes before realizing that they're yet another GOP Parrot.

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