Bill Murray Making Good on Being Good

Bill Murray, damn, you have got to love the man. You have got to just love him.

He's got an amazing body of work in the movies but he's so far beyond an actor or comedian. I also just noticed that he's even got my father's birthday, that's pretty cool.

He has also returned to the Pro-Am in Pebble Beach, in the greatest of style. Today he won $25000 with his partner, Robi- Chris O'Donnell, and Bill, Bill changed charities mid-course today.

And his $12,500 is now going to the Salinas library system that's been threatened to close. That's a very cool thing to do. Since the donation will very likely lead to other people becoming interested in the cause and Salinas might not have to close up after all.

So I'm liking him all the more now. And its pretty amazing to read his movies, its easy to forget about years of them and then remember and remember who great he was in so many great movies. Caddyshack, of course, Ghostbusters, Stripes (Aaaaaaaaaaarmy training, sir!), Meatballs, Lost in Translation, What About Bob?, the guy kicks ass.

[Update: What's your favorite Bill Murray movieline? Lily's already in with a good one!]