Assholery Running Rampant

What a great way to start Valentine's Day, with my having to go and get the asshole neighbor to move yet another of his asshole friend's car from my driveway. This has happened four times now this weekend.

And its almost certainly going to get worse.

The quick backstory, asshole neighbor, let's call him Ratface because his face looks like a rat with a mustache, parked his then-wife's car in our driveway. My wife backed up (and since the driveway is humped some, couldn't see the car behind her. She hit it, caused about $800 of damage and we paid it. A couple of weeks later, his wife leaves him for another man and he's refused to willingly speak to us because, I think, he blames us for his wife leaving him and not the basic fact that he's a complete asshole.

Anyway, we don't have any desire to continue to pay to repair his or his friend's piece of shit cars they park all over the place. So we don't allow them to park their vehicles in our space or in the common area that allows him access to his parking area.

Now, we believe that they are telling their friends to do it on purpose because they know it pisses us off. So we've had to escalate it right back at them. Park here and your car will be towed. End of story.

And yes, this is after Ratface kept his neighbors up until past 2 in the morning on Saturday because he and his loser pals have to, HAVE TO, drink in the garage with the door open and smash their bottles in the recycling when they're done. They have to do this because they're completely self-absorbed fucknobs. We've had it with them and are very seriously involving the law in this matter because, honestly, I think its one of the only things they might respect. A threat to their wallet or their freedom (yes, jailtime for bad parking is excessive but I'm willing to grant a special sentence in this instance).

What I'm wondering is what are my legal rights here? I want to get the space marked off so its clear and I want to make Ratface understand that he brought all of this on himself with his pathetic return-to-high-school mentality.

Does anyone have experience with this? Any insight you can offer?

If it helps, his neighbor on the other side and our neighbor behind have all had it with him and his bullshit as well. No one in the neighborhood likes him, he knows it and he probably doesn't even like himself (I joked with Paula that he probably cries while masturbating).

Ohyeah, P reminds me that we have an association here, we do have CCNR's (rules for existence more or less) and he's violating them. Our association isn't active but the rules still exist. He's wrong and has no leg to stand on. Its just a shame that he's such a collosal asshole.

And yeah, it is making us very seriously consider moving from here sooner than we'd thought or hoped but we're not gonna sell. We're going to keep this house and use it as a rental property and build our real estate empire from here. Fuck Ratface and his loser pals.