And One Two Last Things

One other bit of news from last night's excitement and then a bit of unrelated news to pass along.

We found out the real reason the wife from next door isn't around any more and its not because she left him. Its because she got caught in flagrante, in her house, with another man. And sorry, but that's just cold and lame and demonstrative of her character.

It also helps explain alot more about the dynamic over there. And now I can't wait to see her dropping off one of the kids because I won't be politely averting my gaze. Nope, now I'll be looking right at her and seeing her for what she is, an adulterer.

The other news is potentially very, very good news. In the midst of last night's tension part of the program I did some house hunting and land searching. And I came across a parcel that might be exactly what we've been looking for. Its not all that far away but is in a great little town, we'll have some space and the price is right. I'm going to go and check it out on Saturday.

So there's a chance we'll be buying some land soon and then we can begin the process of creating a home over there so we can rent this place out while the property values continue to climb by double digits year in and year out.

Keep your fingers crossed that the land is suitable for us and that no one else has already jumped on it.