Up is Down, In is Out, White is the New Black, Sleep is the new Awake

I'm feeling inverted today. Like I'm still asleep but dreaming that I'm awake and carrying out my day. But I know I'm not asleep because I had a stupid rock in my shoe most of the morning and I just don't see myself dreaming a rock into my shoe.

And my stomach's been upset most of the morning.

And I still feel like I've slept about five minutes in the last week. Graydon really, really needs one or two of those teeth to break through, we all really need for those teeth to break through. The good thing is that he doesn't have an ear infection like we thought he did, he's just been interested in his ears lately.

Some neat milestones to note.
On Sunday morning, Graydon got his first real and official crawl on. He has been a bit of a sidewinder with his movement, using the roll technique to get around, but now he's added a new movement and its sort of a modified crawl. It may not be the Socratic Form of Crawling but it works and my little guy can now pursue toys that have the audacity to roll away from him.

And we have it on video!

But for now, I'm going to get back to swimming towards what I hope is the surface. But it might just be a shiny mirror on the bottom of the sea.