Two Marketing Issues On My Mind This Rainy AM

I work in marketing and PR so I like to point out good and bad marketing when I see it. This time there are two things to discuss, one insulting and stupid, the other cool and unexpected.

Let's start with the insulting and stupid one....
There's an incredibly stupid BMW commercial on the radio right now and I'd just like to point out how stupid it is and how stupid they believe people listening to their commercial are.

The voice starts with, "If you win once, you're a champion, if you win four times then you're a dynasty. What do they call you if you win fourteen times in a row? A BMW."

Only BMW didn't win shit fourteen times in a row as the two previous statements seem to indicate. The voice continues to say that BMW has been one of the top ten cars for the last fourteen years. I call a top ten finisher, a runner up, not a winner, not a dynasty. Unless they were the #1 car in the world for fourteen years in a row, then the premises they set up their arguments with have no bearing on their conclusion, that the BMW is the best car ever.

Sorry, it just doesn't follow. Nice cars, sure, overpriced, yep. I'm still not gonna buy one and I'm less likely now that they insult my intelligence by this incredibly specious logic. Bite me, BMW.

And the second thing. Its a good thing.

West Marine is the world's largest boating catalog company. They have many business practices that I admire and make me want to consider working for them. They are boaters first with all that that entails (and you boaters out there know what I'm talking about) and businessmen second. Not a distant second but its obvious that there is a passion to the company.

Anyway, one of their many giveaways to visiting execs is a nicely made and finished travel mug. Its got the deep blue West Marine color on the outside and is polished stainless steel on the inside. As travel mugs go, its nice and I'd use it for that alone. Only this travel mug is cooler than other ones because of the clever little marketers at West Marine or whoever came up with the mugs.

By day, my mug is a discrete place to keep coffee warm and not spilling in my crotch while driving to work.

But by night, this innocuous looking travel mug switches tops and becomes an excellent and very capable cocktail shaker complete with strainer built into the top.

Clever, practical and cool without straining to be cool. I love it and I'm rolling it out tonight at the poker game!