The Start of the Wheezing Last Gasps of Big Tobacco

S.F. board votes to ban smoking in city's parks, Only golf courses would be exempt. What does this mean? It means that SF officials have finally realized that secondhand smoke doesn't magically disappear when someone happens to be smoking outside.

"People are under the misconception that if they are outside, they are not being exposed," Dr. Mitch Katz said. "If you can smell the smoke, your body is inhaling the toxic chemicals in the smoke."

Makes sense, eh? You smell smoke because the poisons are in the air, therefore you're ingesting those poisons. The golf course exemption is bound to piss people off because it smacks of elitism but they have some pretty valid reasons for continuing to allow smoking on public golf courses in San Francisco.

I am all for a cleaner outside as well as a cleaner inside. I can't stand going to bars and restaurants outside of California and having to deal with the thick and disgusting smoke. Though I bet this will mean that more smokers will resort to smoking in their cars which is disgusting because its like bathing in the smoke, those people stink and kid themselves that they do not.

There's no reason that smoking should still be legal. They recall cars if five people die because of some defect in their construction. Five people died from smoking in the time it took me to write this sentence and yet smoking is still legal?

West Marine has been a smoke free company for a few years now, you can not smoke and work their. If you smoke and are caught then you are giving the chance to quit or you are fired. And they're not the only ones, Weyco Fires Four for Smoking, its a trend that I expect to increase.

But if this smoking aspect is used to deny employment for involuntary behaviours then it is a very, very dangerous precedent to set. As leblanc and the MeFi thread aptly point out.