Some Sunday News

First off, sadness upon hearing of Johnny Carson's passing this morning.

And now back on to the fun stuff.
I offer the Coolest Dog in Town.

And then, the reason that I'm no longer allowed to get overly streesed about the world, here's the Hot tub closed and then the Hot tub opening and, finallu, the Hot tub wide open.

It took 36 hours to come up to temp but damn was it a nice way to start this morning in the chilly foggy air by soaking in the tub. Oh yeah! I will also shoot some pics at night so you can see how cool it is with the light. And if you want to buy one, let me know and I'll refer you to sales guy and get some kickdown!

And then I talked to my sister in Maine where the blizzard is in full effect and her husband and oldest son had to stay an extra day in Aruba, the poor guys! Enjoy the peace!