Say It Ain't Sosa! Pre-Season Baseball Fun!

Sure, his numbers have been declining ever since the corking incident a couple of years ago and I'm sure the increased scrutiny of steroid use in baseball isn't helping him maintain those insane numbers he put up years ago but, but, but. All of that said, I am still very happy to hear that Slammin' Sammy is very likely to be joining the best third place team in the majors, my own Baltimore Orioles!

The American League East has been the shittiest division to be stuck in for anyone who's not the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox. It's like going to school and being put in the class with the rich kids who drop $50 a day on lunch when you're on food stamps.

So, let's take a gander at the possible O's lineup, shall we?
Batting leadoff is going to be Brian Roberts now that they've moved Hairston off and that makes sense, both are very capable but I believe Roberts is the better defender and the O's will not be lacking offense.

Roberts, Mora (expect another excellent year from this stud, especially batting in front of this lineup!), Palmiero, Tejada, Sosa, Lopez (remember Javy? I do!), Gibbons (still improving and improving faster now with such top caliber hitsmen around him), Bigbie and maybe Newhan, Matos, Raines or Surhoff.

Which means that they will have a very scary line up indeed!

Now if they'd only do something about their fairly anemic pitching roster. So far it looks like its still anchored by Ponson who could be a superstar if only he'd stop eating so many Carl's Jr. Superstars. He's a chubstar who could be far more effective if he came into camp trimmed and fit.

Next up will have to be the Giants and then the A's who actually have a chance on winning their divisions because they won't be competing against an asshole owner that spends more than any owner in the history of game. Thanks George!

By the way, why are my two least favorite people named George?