A Question for the Subscribers

I've now got a few subscribers to Intellectual Poison on a couple of different feed portals and I'm wondering which ones are working better than the others.

I just added the Subscribe with Bloglines link as I'm finding that I prefer hitting up one site to quickly catch up on all of the blogs that I like to read.

If you don't have a feed (you know who I'm looking at, yeah you too, Rhodes) then it is that much harder to keep up on your posts.

NotifyList seems to forget my information everytime I do anything and I even subscribed and have never gotten an update. And they're customer service was fast on the first email but has, so far, ignored my followup emails.

Bloglet kept grabbing drafts of posts and sending those along with published posts and emails for help went completely unanswered. So I'm leaning towards Bloglines because it seems to work and that's about the best differentiator between the three.

Let me know if you're experience has been different though.