Not One Damned Dime Wrap

Originally written this morning but Blogger wasn't cooperating so I mailed it to myself, and Yahoo put it in the junkmail folder, did I mention it was from me? Hmm, I'm trying not to take it personally.

Yesterday was many things to many people. To people who voted for Bush, it was a chance to party and pretend like the world loves us and we're doing good.

To the rest of us, the entire inauguration was a long and protracted "FUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKK YYYYOOOOOOOUUUUU".

Bush said some of the right words about unity and freedom and other happy slappy bullshit but that's all it was. He's got no intentions of uniting the country, his position is stronger with the nationn so divided. His supporters have to be rabid supporters to stay on his side and they won't jump now, that would mean they made a huge mistake in backing a corrupt and stupid horse.

So, I made it through most of the entire day yesterday without contributing to the economy. But, come lunchtime, I was not going to be satisfied with the meager collection of stuff from home. So I spent $5.62 at Trader Joe's for a salad and a Mango Anti-oxidant. Not bad but I do kind of wish I'd gone the whole day not spending anything.

But now we get to look forward to the mindnumbing cluster fuck that will be the Iraqi elections and the massive run up of car bombs and terrorist threats to derail the event.