NFL Conference Championships

Its time for a little prognistication in regards to this weekend's big Conference Championships.

I'm going to go with Atlanta over Philly because I think Michael Vick's playing at the top of his game right now and he's just too damned hard to defend against when he can pretty well outrun any other player (and that might not be true but he is DAMNED fast).

And it blows my mind that the Steelers, having won their last 16 games in a row, are the underdogs in this contest. But it makes sense given the Patriots domination of the post season in recent years. That plus Tom Brady, two time Super Bowl MVP, against Big Ben Roethlisburger, the winningiest rookie ever favors experience over youth. But I'm taking the Steelers anyway because I think they want it alot more and for guys like Bettis and Ward, this may be one of their last chances to get to the big game. It will be a superb game though!

Underdogs all the way!