Monday's Come Too Fast

It feels like I was just leaving this office on Friday evening and then, all of a sudden, I'm walking back in for another week.

Where'd my weekend slip away too?

The poker game ate into Saturday morning some but not too much. I guess not having enough sleep and then stumbling through the rest of the weekend will tend to do that.

Anyway, a thought or two for this sunny but cold morning. There's a reason they have an 8 or 9 or ten item limit in that express lane at the super market. So, when people are in a hurry they can get their things and go without having to wait for someone who's doing a whole week of shopping.

Apparently this pretty basic concept is lost on some people who just don't think the rules apply to them. Two lanes open at Safeway this morning, one regular checkout where the guy was buying huge stacks of pork loins. The other, the express lane, populated by a woman with a couple of things and then a jackass with at least 20 items piled on the belt. Thanks, asshole.

So when I bounced down to the other cashier, I got treated to one of the most politely rude people I've ever met. You could tell that she really just wanted to throttle everyone. Curt barely begins to illustrate her demeanor.

Oh well, it used to be my Safeway, then I moved to Watsonville so fuck it.

And this may warrant its own full post but I'm getting pretty close to swearing off using UPS from now on. They are an incredibly irritating company to deal with. They advertise that they are all about helping out small businesses and the consumer? Bullshit, they don't deliver on Saturdays or Sundays, when most people are home or more available. They don't even have the package centers open so you could go and pick up your packages. Nope, they do the stupid little three delivery attempts and then bounce your package back so they can collect shipping payments again. Stupid.

Anyone have any idea why they wouldn't deliver on Saturdays? That just seems incredibly dumb.