Monday from Cloud Four

Latest fashion rage from Japan: KeyChain Bonsai, so cute and I'm sure it makes them forget all about their small penises.

What's that? You weren't aware that its Inappropriate Monday? Pissa, fool.

Shall we follow it up with a link to a crass radio station that's pushing an mp3 that mocks the victims of the tsunami and then levels racial epithets at them as well? How about one that denigrates Muslims too? I'm sure they're out there and I actually could easily link to the offensive mp3. But the world's got plenty of narrow, intolerant hate in it already.

So how about we wrap up the weekend's festivities instead?

Yesterday was a long, long day filled with much football, much flame caressed and deeply marinated meat products, much fine Anchor Steam and lots of four legged furry fury. Yesterday was the annual neigborhood pool football party, an event that has grown over the last couple of years until it culminated in the funfest of yesterday.

There were an average of about 30 to 40 people there for most of the day, it was the regathering of our old neighborhood crew that's spread across town in the last couple of years and some have even moved to LA (blasphemy!) but most people try to get back for this party. Its the neighborhood equivalent of Thanksgiving.

And it doesn't hurt that the expense for the party has already been well covered during the course of the season.

After the sad dismantling of the Steelers by the Patriots, it was time to get down and play some cards. So we moved from football on to poker and a rather large game ensued with up to 9 players in a hand. I lost nearly every hand but won two and covered all of the rest of my losses for the day.

That and Nande is still absolutely beat. There were no frenzied requests for a walk at quarter to seven this morning. And she's still sleeping downstairs right now.

One of the best parts about the whole evening was coming home, taking care of my business in getting the house turned down and then slipping out on the deck and having myself a nice, long, luxurious soak under the nearly full moon in the hot tub.

Damn, right.