Instant X

Because this week's Cheddar X was done in about three minutes, its Instant X. Get it? Okay. On with the questions. One of these days I'll get caught up with the others.

Who did you dream of last?
Natalie Portman, next question.

What do you want a picture of?
George Bush and most of his cabinet and pals being led away in handcuffs to face long prison terms for treason and sedition and fraud.

Where did you want to go?
I wanted to go and live by the beach. And that's what I did.

When will you grow up?
I grew up and became an adult the moment my son was born.

Why do people expect life to be fair?
Otherwise they'd lose all desire to live at all and the human race would blink out overnight.

How much can you stand?
It depends, some days its alot and other days its not so much. It doesn't help when multiple aspects of life all clusterfuck together.