I'm Allergic to Gaudily Ostentatious GOP Inauguration Days

Disclaimer: Stream of consciousness post ahead, badly warped by extreme sinus impaction and a generally fairly bitter and cynical view of US politics in the wake of the debacle that was the last election.

I just figured out in the last minute, as I was writing the title to this post. That's why my head has been utterly stuffed full of snot for the last two days, first it was just the right side of my head. Now its the whole thing, right and left, Republican and Democrat.

They are united now in Washington, all lined up to give Georgy some of that hot non-gay humjob action he won with his mandate setting election victory last November over the Senator who found a pair of nuts today in voting against Condi Rice for Sec. of State. Shame you couldn't find those a few months ago when it mattered, John. Sorry but you deflated so quickly after the election that I'm really just not sure what to make of you anymore. Yes, better than Bush but I'm not so sure by how much anymore.

Anyway, the Inauguration is tomorrow. The swearing in Shrubya for another four years of mayhem and corruption and being embarrassed to be Americans and then being worried to have other people know you're American abroad. Four more years of blatant douchebaggery in Washington and "pundits" across the nation sieg heiling themselves into conniptions.

Tomorrow is buy nothing day. Damn, that means I've gotta bring my lunch and lucky I've got plenty of gas. Hope Graydon doesn't need anything, I'd hate for him to suffer for a silly and mostly ineffective silent political protest. And of course I'm kidding, if my boy needed something, I'd get it for him without hesitation.

Ahhh, where was I going. Damn, stupid cotton stuffed brain makes it hard to follow the lines. I keep veering off into the underbrush. Inauguration Day. How much is this fucking tard fest costing me and you? Sixty million dollars or some insanity? So Bush can shake his false mandate toting cowboy bumfuck ass with a bunch of other fat white pricks who wish they had rhythm and didn't have to take pills to bang their mistresses. So tomorrow night is like Christmas for DC prostitutes, I'd imagine.

None of the calls to tone down the celebration could possibly be heeded though. Of course not, to diminish the celebration in the light of what those brave soldiers are enduring for false premises that our new Secretary of State still won't admit were wrong, no, no, no, to reduce the party in anyway would be to give in to terrorism itself! No, the party must go on and it must be enormous and stupid and demonstrate to the entire world what real asshats are in charge in the US right now.

How I wish that this were just some wacky episode of The Love Boat where the monkeys from the nightclub act get loose and take over the ship. Man, that would be sweet.

Tomorrow is protest the fuck out of this corrupt asshole in charge day. Turn your back on his victory lap of shame, don't spend a dime, write to your reps and let them know that Bush's actions do NOT represent your wishes. Ride your bike to work naked with Buck Fush painted on your back. Do fucking something.

Maybe I'll go and give some money to Howard Dean.