Hypocritical Asshat Seeks Special Immunity from Prosecution

Rush Limbaugh seeks return of medical records so that they can't bust him for seeking multiple prescriptions from multiple doctors so he could bliss out and not have to worry about those dirty "Libruls".

Not that he hasn't excoriated drug addicts on dozens of occasions on his grotesque radio show, not that he hasn't called for all drug addicts to be thrown in prison forever. Nope, because Rush is above the law, he IS the law and fuck you for even thinking the laws of this country actually apply to his fetid and boil-ridden carcass.

Because, come on now, the law shouldn't have to apply to such fine upstanding asshats like Rush or O'Reilly. They are above the law because they are soooooo important to the nation, they provide such insight and wit and wisdom that what should we care if they pop pills and sexually harass their interns?