The Friday Link Dump

The Naked Protesters are politically motivated nudists and there ain't nothing wrong with that.

Big Ben Donates First NFL Playoff Check to Tsunami Victims.

PhotoRescue - purports to be able to recover photos lost on a damaged CF card. Haven't tried them yet but I appreciate the resource.

Iceland's Hydrogen Buses Zip to Oil-Free Economy, they are working hard to get off the oil grid altogether and that is extremely laudable. I've always liked Iceland, this doesn't dissuade me at all.

Overly defenesive intro aside, Invisiblia is a cool concept.

Nippaz with Attitude - rap, pop, hip hop and metal tunes remixed for a much, much younger crowd. The artwork is pretty cute too. No idea about the music yet.

What An Animal from Popular Science details some pretty wacky animal facts.

A self explanatory: How Fast is Your Connection?

And finally, the last one of the day, the Museum of Hoaxes.