Buffalo Beast's 50 Most Loathsome People

50 Most Loathsome People of 2004

Good reading and spot on in many, many places. Though how the terminally vacuous Paris Hilton escaped the list is beyond me, especially since her little sidekick, Nicole Ritchie, made it and she's far, far less annoying and loathsome.

But lots of the rest of them are perfect. I like #50 Ann Coulter, #41 Everyone who got together watch the last Friends, #29 Michael Savage (an utterly reprehensible loser attention hole), #20 Anna Nicole Smith, #13 Joan Rivers (die already you freakin' zombie!), #9 Jessica Simpson (they call her the gleaming flagship of the return of bimboism, spot on!), #7 Donald Trump (bad businessman, ridiculous haircut and incredibly irritating mannerisms = feed him to the chipper/shredder) and #6 George "God Speaks To Me" Bush (no surprise) but I disagree with Colin Quinn being on the list at all, he's just not much of a celebrity, not very interesting and really just comes across like a perpetually shitfaced permanent fratdink.

The commentary is pretty funny too.