What's Wrong With This Product?

So I've been doing some online shopping lately and I came across the Laptop Wheel Mount at CleverGear.

What is a laptop wheel mount you ask? Well, its a way of putting your laptop on your steering wheel. Note that they do warn against operating the vehicle while a laptop is on the mount but who heeds warnings anymore, that's just like daring someone. Its an incentive to show that they CAN do it rather than they SHOULDN'T do it.

More distraction is a bad idea for drivers. And if you've gotta have your porn with you that close then maybe you should seek counselling, eh?

By the way, one of the things I did end up buying over the last few days? Tivo. Yeah, a small 40 hour Tivo box and a lifetime subscription so I'll soon be able to watch what I want, when I want rather than the hard scheduled garbage that's on most of the time now. I will definitely be writing up the experience of moving to DVR land. Now all I need to do is hookup a DVD burner and I'll never lose a show again, ever!