High Court Slams White House

ABCNEWS.com : High Court Slams White House wherein the Supreme Court brings the heavy big time smackdown upon the Bush Administration's suspension of the laws governing the taking of prisoners and interrogation (which is really just the polite term for torture) in order to wring information out of them.

The strange thing to me is the picture of George and Laura accompanying the story. I'm not sure but it looks like Laura is clucking her tongue and looking straight into the camera while George is holding her awkwardly with one hand on her neck and he's not looking at this particular camera.

Laura looks like she's mugging for MTV or something. She looks sassy and frumpy at the same time.

Anyway, back to the matter at hand. No more electrodes on prisoner's nuts without due process, no more playing dress up or dress down with POW's, no more letting Lynndie England emasculate captives, no more big thumbs up from Sabrina Harmann, no more any of it, Mr. Bush. And that goes for you too, Donny.

I think Anthony Romero, the guy running the ACLU, says it best, "You don't simply hold people in a lawless void based on an executive say-so."